Donnerstag, 20. Dezember 2007

vacation!! yeah!!
good so far, but I'm a bit bored. I'm supposed to learn but, hey, before christmas? I got enough to do with presents. I got just one and a few ideas. And not have to clean my room makes it even more boring. Otherwise I had to search the things I need for hours and now I can take these from where they're supposed to be.
I survived my class tests (social studies:2(+), english:3, both are the class best, but that fact doesn't make the english one "good"). Maybe I should ride the bike, as my doc advised, against boredom. Sry, now you're bored. Reading my blog isn't very exciting. I think of posting pictures, but I don't know how and don't even got a digi-cam. I will try to find out how I can post pictures.
By the way, that reminds me of what I've done yesterday. I went with the suspension railway to Wuppertal to make a little taking-pictures-of-beautiful-doors-session. Because I was just there, and Wuppertal is a bigger and more exciting city than my hometown, I searched for Patrick Wolf CDs. But, what a wonder, Saturn don't seem to know him. How could I get some? (Instead of online or download) Isn't that cruel?? I should turn to Norway! Same chances for everyone!! We should all have the choice to buy or not to buy Patrick Wolf's music. OK, you're right, I'm cracked up.

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