Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2007

I bought this. Finally!!
It was really expensive: 20€ (luckily I got 10 on Christmas)
And I catched the velvet Goldmine soundtrack from the library. I was there with Alina. Well, it was a happy day. We borrowed Singstar for my sister's birthday tomorrow and we startedpractising^^ she's real good, but singing after the notation sounds so boring. Now we're goinig to watch my new Harry Potter V DVD.
Not everything went well. My toe is broken again, my knee is hurtain(a long time ago.. should be greased again) and I just caused a hole in my shin. Ouuuhh! It hurts! They should take off my right lieg. It's all there.
I'm such a clumsy person.

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