Dienstag, 25. Dezember 2007

Merry Christmas!

Presents so far:
brother: a selfmade book (with pictures and senences/
sister1:candle holder (orange glass/I hate getting junk that stands around without any sense (especialy when it's THAT hideous))
sister2: necklace with die (ok, necklaces were on my wishlist, but I wanted long ones with coloured pendants, I wanted my sisters to crate something (e.g. out of old toys)
parents: scarf(was on my wishlist, but it's a grey one, not blue), button for my jeans(yeah!), book(from theblurb I don't expect sth I would like, but, we'll see...), shoulder-bag (UGLY/my mother wanted me to search with her, but now it's too late... sry, I don't know a word that fits to describe that...that.... SHOULDER-BAG)
uncle: sweets(disgusting), 10€(I hate getting cash on christmas)
grandparents+grandma:dancing course (jipee!!)

result: don't know. It may sound as if I would be greedy for presents, but I'm just surpised how bad my family seems to know me. Really. And the ghost of christmas doesn't seemed to have catched me this year. But, who wonders, it's not even really cold. And I don't thik that will happen... I'm too pessimsitic. I'm going to eat the sweets...

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