Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2007

I bought this. Finally!!
It was really expensive: 20€ (luckily I got 10 on Christmas)
And I catched the velvet Goldmine soundtrack from the library. I was there with Alina. Well, it was a happy day. We borrowed Singstar for my sister's birthday tomorrow and we startedpractising^^ she's real good, but singing after the notation sounds so boring. Now we're goinig to watch my new Harry Potter V DVD.
Not everything went well. My toe is broken again, my knee is hurtain(a long time ago.. should be greased again) and I just caused a hole in my shin. Ouuuhh! It hurts! They should take off my right lieg. It's all there.
I'm such a clumsy person.

Dienstag, 25. Dezember 2007

Merry Christmas!

Presents so far:
brother: a selfmade book (with pictures and senences/
sister1:candle holder (orange glass/I hate getting junk that stands around without any sense (especialy when it's THAT hideous))
sister2: necklace with die (ok, necklaces were on my wishlist, but I wanted long ones with coloured pendants, I wanted my sisters to crate something (e.g. out of old toys)
parents: scarf(was on my wishlist, but it's a grey one, not blue), button for my jeans(yeah!), book(from theblurb I don't expect sth I would like, but, we'll see...), shoulder-bag (UGLY/my mother wanted me to search with her, but now it's too late... sry, I don't know a word that fits to describe that...that.... SHOULDER-BAG)
uncle: sweets(disgusting), 10€(I hate getting cash on christmas)
grandparents+grandma:dancing course (jipee!!)

result: don't know. It may sound as if I would be greedy for presents, but I'm just surpised how bad my family seems to know me. Really. And the ghost of christmas doesn't seemed to have catched me this year. But, who wonders, it's not even really cold. And I don't thik that will happen... I'm too pessimsitic. I'm going to eat the sweets...

Donnerstag, 20. Dezember 2007

I WANT this!!
Well, dearer a shoulder-bag like this.
I made a cassette bag out of duct-tape but it's not going to work. Unfortunately...
vacation!! yeah!!
good so far, but I'm a bit bored. I'm supposed to learn but, hey, before christmas? I got enough to do with presents. I got just one and a few ideas. And not have to clean my room makes it even more boring. Otherwise I had to search the things I need for hours and now I can take these from where they're supposed to be.
I survived my class tests (social studies:2(+), english:3, both are the class best, but that fact doesn't make the english one "good"). Maybe I should ride the bike, as my doc advised, against boredom. Sry, now you're bored. Reading my blog isn't very exciting. I think of posting pictures, but I don't know how and don't even got a digi-cam. I will try to find out how I can post pictures.
By the way, that reminds me of what I've done yesterday. I went with the suspension railway to Wuppertal to make a little taking-pictures-of-beautiful-doors-session. Because I was just there, and Wuppertal is a bigger and more exciting city than my hometown, I searched for Patrick Wolf CDs. But, what a wonder, Saturn don't seem to know him. How could I get some? (Instead of online or download) Isn't that cruel?? I should turn to Norway! Same chances for everyone!! We should all have the choice to buy or not to buy Patrick Wolf's music. OK, you're right, I'm cracked up.

Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2007

sry for the lack posts, but there was nothing spectacular in the last weeks.
maybe except from the "presentation" of the upper forms in secondary school. should have been three, but one school wasn't supposed to have a event that deserves that name.
We had to come to school last saturday for a 'day of open door' (free translation...).
that day I had a christmas concert with the orchestra. on the monday rehearsal we had a little christmas celebration and I ate gingerbread with a fork for the first time. well, the stress is on FORK (of cause I ate ginerbread before), strange feeling. But I don't feel like it's christmas at all.
A bit sad, to eat my Adventcalender-chocolate without any feeling.