Sonntag, 25. November 2007


I changed the time into MEZ, the Californian wasn't very useful.
Thursday we had a fair about training places in school, but there was nothing for me.
The only interesting booth wasn't taken and I know anyhow what I wanna make after school.
I'm so excited because if the 'Die Fantastischen Vier' concert this evening. We (my father + me) got seats in the Koelarena in Colone. I've never been in a hall about this size and maybe It's a number too huge for my first really great concert.
Normally I don't listen to HipHop but I fell in love with this band in 2004 and still like them.
That explains why I don't know wich clothes to choose: I ain't got some in Hip Hop Style.
Well, will see, but I should instruct my father what to do and not to do before... Sometime's he's a bit embarrassing but otherwise he's cool. Both of my parents. My mother an me are very similar and I really cope with them. No one wants become like their parents but I'm so similar with them that I can't prevent and got to live with it.
Maybe that's why others hate their parents while I hit it off with them.

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