Montag, 26. November 2007

...and after

The concert was damn wicked!!
I'm still hoarse and my father think it was too loud but it's really worthwile.
The Band themself sayed, that we (the audience) broke records in celebrating.
The atmosphere was nearly boiling. We knew that it couldn't be the end as the band left the stage and finally a lighting system with a stage ON it was lettin' down and the performing was continued there: in the middle of the hall!!
Was funny to see how my father moved to the music, but it was a hundret ways better than the cuple beside me: thes sat down, almost all the concert. I wouldn't spend my money on a card if I don't enjoy the music/performance. Well, who knows, maybe it's their way of celebrating.
My sorrows about how I look/if I look HipHop enough were unfounded, the others were just like me.
My social studies teacher decided to shift all presentations until next week. If I would have known that, I would've had a double of the time I've thought.
Maybe I'm worse in 'thinking' at the moment. I thought my dentist have sth to do with my teeth, but it was all right! Unnecessary anxiety in the last weeks!
Omg, I'm going mad!! (and I'm writing with way too many exclamation marks today)
Wold be better, if I go to bed and stop thinking!
Ahh, stop it....

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